Pontoon Patrol

This summer, Classic Hits and ESPN Radio bring to you Pontoon Patrol. If you are a faithful follower of the station, this year Pontoon Patrol will be replacing Man on the Street. But with that Pontoon Patrol is bigger and more rewarding to ALL including the every day listener and the visitors to the Yankton Area!


Pontoon Patrol is our summer promotion of going out on Lewis and Clark Lake and promoting the radio station, but also get the over one million visitors each year from the Lake up to businesses here in Yankton. How we do that is with our COUPON BOOK THAT’S FOR EVERYONE. Listeners will be able to visit the Pontoon which will always be out at the lake or come see us with our weekly broadcasts to get your free coupon book through your phone!

Yes that’s right through your phone! It’s so simple to use by just scrolling to find the coupon that you’d want to use at the business you’re visiting and showing them the coupon offer. AND the coupon can be used multiple times not just once!


Friday May 21 is when we begin, it will be our first trip out on the lake and heading into the free camping weekend. Then it will be every Wednesday throughout the summer months! We will be heading out to the Lewis and Clark Lake in the afternoon!


At this time, it’s currently unavailable! WHY? Because we are still updating with more and more businesses! This coupon book isn’t just going to feature 3 stores! But when it is available, you’ll be able to find more information right here about it!