Pontoon Patrol – Classic Hits 106.3



All Seasons Power Sports & Marine, Yankton

What is Pontoon Patrol?

Classic Hits and ESPN Radio will be on Lewis & Clark Lake and Lewis & Clark Recreation Area with our Pontoon from All Season’s Power Sports! Each week on Wednesday afternoon 3p to 5p we will either be on the water or in the camp grounds of Lewis & Clark Recreational Area. You are more than welcome to join us by boating or camping. We will be giving away Swag and offering Savings with our Virtual Coupon Book!

Where is the Pontoon Patrol Virtual Coupon Book?

Two ways to get the Virtual Coupon Book!

1) Text PONTOON to 55678 and you will receive a text back with the Virtual Coupon Book link. This is the simplest way to find and keep it with you all summer long.

2) Scan this QR Code! It will instantly direct you to the Pontoon Patrol Virtual Coupon Book.

Both 1 & 2 are easy and fast. Get your phone out and scan this QR code now.

3) You can also scan this QR Code which is featured on the Pontoon. When not on the water the All Season’s Power Sports Pontoon is parked at the Midway near the visitors center entrance!