Man on the Street

This week Man on the Street is located at 7 different locations in Beresford! It’s your chance to win $106 in South Dakota Lottery Scratch Tickets all summer long!

This week all you need to do is sign up at just one of these seven locations , and on Wednesday and Friday, a 5 Star employee will put your number into our tablet. So you will still receive a text saying you have signed up, and a text if you are the winner! Locations are:

  • Fiesta Foods – 309 NW 13th St.
  • D.A.D.s Automotive Repair – 206 N. 16th St.
  • Carlson’s Body Shop – 121 E. Main St #1
  • Olson Ace Hardware – 305 NW 13th St.
  • First Dakota National Bank – 101 S. 3rd St.
  • Jet Service Center – 1505 W. Cedar St.
  • Bertz Sports Bar & Grill – 1406 W Cedar St.

Man on the Street is back for another summer, and this year everyone is asking themselves, who is the Man?

We can’t tell you who he is because we ourselves don’t know, but what we can tell you is that it is your chance to win a $106 in South Dakota Lottery Scratch Tickets each week.

Here’s how Man on the Street works: Each week we go to an area business and we put a tablet at their location for you the customer to sign up by putting your cell phone number in the tablet for your chance to win the money. We giveaway the cash sometime Friday afternoon. You may have to be the sixth caller or know some trivia. It changes from each week.

At the end of the summer we giveaway a grand prize of $1570 that anyone has a chance to win.

It’s Man on the Street and it has returned this summer… and the man is watching you…