Classic Hits Caring Club

The Classic Hits Caring Club is a club that is dedicated to giving back to people who are less fortunate and can’t always afford the basics in life. That’s why Classic Hits 106.3, and with the help of area businesses, want to and will HELP those who are less fortunate.

Classic Hits 106.3 is asking for people to fill out a form with the names of people who they may know or have heard of that need some type of financial assistance. It might be a person in need of glasses, going to the dentist or needs help paying for a prescription drug that they just can’t afford at the time. Not EVERYONE will receive help, bust based on the circumstances and situations, a donation will be made to help people in the community.

Go to the link below, and fill out the form, for your special someone to have a chance at getting the extra help they need.